Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lazy Ass People

Man, we are a lazy society some times.

This week may be a bit more than normal, but I have seen some people do some of the laziest things you can imagine.

So I had to share a few…email me: matt@canadasrock.ca and tell me what you think is the most lazy things that people do and I will include them in a future World According To.

On Wednesday I was taking the elevator down to the laundry machine on the 7th floor – keep in mind I am on the 20th. A young guy, probably 25 or under got on the elevator on the 12th floor.

He then proceeded to get off the elevator on the 11th floor.

Now to make this even a little more comical for myself, I noticed he wasn’t carrying a big screen TV or one end of a couch or anything like that, oh no, he was carrying, a bag of McDonalds in one hand and a pop in the other. I didn’t expect to see him on a treadmill next to me any time soon.

I also drove past a Tim Horton’s during the middle of the day on Tuesday and had to weave into the other lane because the cars were lined up almost to the street.

Lucky for my wandering eyes, and the red light, I was able to peer through the glass windows at the front of the store and see…NO ONE IN LINE…Enjoy your 20 minute wait!

I also went grocery shopping on Thursday and stood in line with a cart filled to the brim with about 80 dollars worth of food inside.

I was the 7th person in line – and it was the shortest line – so I scooched over to my favourite section of the grocery store and any other department store…the self-checkout. I don’t know if it’s out of laziness or what, but it was completely empty. It couldn’t be possible that we’ve gotten to the point where sliding a barcode across a scanner is too much for us right? I probably pushed through 30 items without breaking a sweat.

And looking back at the line I was in – 2 people had moved forward since.

A few more annoyances I may not have seen this week – but drive me nuts.

Full service gas stations – can we not get out of our cars and pump gas ourselves? Is it now so much easier to have someone come to the window and hold up a credit card and say “fill ‘er up”. I’ve seen people with cars no special than mine in the full service gas bar while self service is wide open. Come on people!

There’s leaving the empty roll of toilet paper on the holder when you’re done, leaving half a drop of milk in the carton so they don’t have to go out and get a new one and the king of all laziness – leaving the TV on whatever station because you can’t find the remote.

Yes we all do lazy things. Who am I to say that I haven’t driven 3 minutes to the convience store, but it is always to buy something – like milk or bread - that I don’t want to carry 10 blocks back to my apartment.

I will share with you the best line I’ve ever heard to describe laziness: Stand straight up and look down. If you can’t see your feet, it might be time to go for a walk.

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