Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oct 22

A little work promo to start off today.

-Rock Mornings with Craig and Matt will be in Kingsville tomorrow to Rock The Block of Jeff Kartye...should be another good time...if you live in Windsor-Essex or Chatham-Kent and want to be entered into Rock The

Now, on to the good stuff.

-Congrats to the Phillies for winning the NLCS.  You have to figure the Yankees will win the AL side and those two teams really do matchup well against each other...I picked the Yankees to win at the beginning so I have to stick with that...but you can never count out the Champs.

-Only issue I have is this...Game 1 of the World Series is next Wednesday in New York or L-A...That's October 28th...if the Yankees win tonight...there will be a 5 day layoff between the end of the LCS and the beginning of the World's a terrible scheduling move and you wonder why people lose interest.  Teams won't know what to do with five days off before the biggest 4-7 games of their year...PLUS it lines up to have a World Series game in NOVEMBER if things go the distance...the next round should begin the day after everything is settled...If the Yanks win today - Game 1 should be moves things along, keeps the interest at a high level and cuts down the drawnout length of the playoffs. Win-Win.

-What a tough year for Oklahoma QB, Sam Bradford.  I enjoy watching the college game more than the NFL, but with all the teams and conferences, it's impossible to follow some times.  I do know this though.  Bradford had a chance to come out of University last year and enter the NFL Draft...he chose not to and has now been dealt two arm injuries and will be shut down early for the rest of the year...his draft status is lower now than it was last year and he still has the option of one more year at OU or going to the pros.  It's wrong to say and parents around the world will hate me for this...but when you get the chance to score millions of dollars in advertising and guarenteed contracts...DROP SCHOOL!!!  It could be your one chance to tell "show me the money!" and take care of everyone you've ever met - including yourself..because you never know what can happen! Guys get signed for 15 million dollar signing bonuses before they even step on the field...and that kind of bling would put Bradford's kids' kids through college.  Now Bradford wears caution tape around his right arm and the payout won't be nearly as big.  When you're retired from the NFL and you're a multi-millionaire...and more importantly...when your only 40 years old...then finish up school...but when you have the chance to "cash in" MUST hit the draft room floor and wait on the classroom.

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