Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shut Your Mouths!

There’s a new group of humans that I can’t take anymore.

Well, there’s a few…but these people have become more and more evident.

There’s the people at sporting events, sitting in the top row of the upper deck that yell perceptive comments like “Catch it!” or “Run!” to the players below, but they make me laugh.

The people that don’t use their turn signal or just don’t pay attention to signs while driving have always been near the top of that list.

But this group has taken over the top spot of annoyance in the Matt Dumouchelle Top 10 People Who Infuriate Me.

The people who talk during movies.

I don’t mean the people who casually lean over to their companion and ask “why would they do that?”

I mean the people that sit in the back row and bark out their unnecessary comments throughout the show believing they are either helping everyone understand the movie, that they are being funny, or worst of all, they do it just to annoy people.

I went to see “The Stepfather” on Tuesday, and thanks to a young group of about 6 kids who were two rows behind me, not only was I informed that one girl in the movie shouldn’t be going in that room and that the Stepfather was a killer, I also heard about Tina’s upcoming date; whoever Tina is.

Then there’s the guy in the row with us who shouts out “That better not be the way it ends!”…when there was about 20 minutes left. A little heads up for all you movie-goers. The movie ends when the credits start rolling, not when the screen goes dark.

Why do so many people on our planet believe everyone needs to hear, or cares to hear, what they think or what they have to say.

We are such self-involved society sometimes that I know they genuinely think it would enhance our movie experience by shouting out something they thought was funny and disturbing about 30 people – then laughing about it.

I would have been perfectly content to sit through that movie in peace, and not know the guy behind us thought the girl in the movie had a nice rack.

It’s those people that are what’s wrong with the world today.

There should be a theatre employee stationed inside every theatre and those people should be tossed out like old popcorn. I don’t care if they spend 9 dollars for a ticket. So did everyone else. And we didn’t spend pay an extra charge to hear what some 17 year old punk thinks about it.

Again, if you want to ask the person you are next to “where do I know that actor from?” that’s no problem.

But if you think the theatre needs to know that you believe “the neighbour is gonna die next”, then you need to be thrown out.

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