Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20

I've promised myself I will start updating this website daily...even if it's just with random thoughts...so here marks Day 1 of the rest of my life...

-Great playoffs so far in Major League Baseball...the Tigers should be there and would have put up much more of a fight against the Yankees than Minnesota did...I guess they just ran out of steam.

-I'm sticking by my pick of Yankees vs Dodgers in the World Series...but the Phillies really do have a good squad...up and down they can just plain rake and the starters have been fantastic. What did they give up for Cliff Lee again?? And you wonder why the Indians are in a state of "rebuilding".

-Speaking of the Tribe, I love the idea of Travis Fryman managing in Cleveland. He is my all-time favourite Tiger and one of the reasons I loved the guy was he was just a smart player...Smart players make great managers...no surprise, not a lot of pitchers are managers. I would become a closer Indians fan the day Travis is introduced to the media.

-Can Toronto Maple Leafs fans please relax! When you start "rebuilding" a team...that means it's going to suck...save your money for three years when the Leafs are competitive in the East...wow...can you imagine how much ticket prices will be when they are actually MEANINGFUL games.

-NFL teams I'm buying - AFC - New England, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh...NFC - the Giants, Minnesota, New Orleans, Atlanta.

-NFL teams I'm not buying - AFC - Cincinnati, DENVER...NFC - Dallas, Philadelphia, San Francisco.

Later knuckleheads...

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