Saturday, August 15, 2009

Stallworth Doesnt Get A Second Chance

Since when was drinking and driving shrugged off?

The NFL announced yesterday that wide receiver, Donte Stallworth would be suspended – without pay – for one year after he plead guilty to killing a man who he hit with his car while drunk driving.

Stallworth pleaded guilty June 16 to DUI manslaughter, a second-degree felony.

59-year old Mario Reyes, the main breadwinner of his family, was run down by Stallworth – ending his life and changing the lives of his family and friends forever.

Stallworth got a 30 day jail sentence and will now miss a season in the NFL because of his actions.

Is there anyone in the world that can convince me that this is completely unfair?

The night before Stallworth drove drunk, he signed a 4.5 million dollar signing bonus in a seven year, 35 million dollar contract.

The two sides agreed to a financial settlement and the Reyes family said multiple times they wanted the case to be resolved as quick and painless as possible.

It’s interesting the suspension comes down so close to the return of Michael Vick to the same league.

And this is where the legal system and the NFL rulings make no sense to me.
Vick served 18 months in prison for running a dogfighting ring.

Stallworth got behind the wheel of his car drunk, hit a pedestrian, killed him, and serves 30 days in jail.

Are we saying that having two animals attack each other is more heinous than ending a man’s life?

Drunk driving is the stupidest, most preventable crime on the books, yet we continue to be lenient with people as it becomes more common.

Donte Stallworth should never be allowed to play an NFL game again.

The minute he steps on a field again, the NFL is saying to the public – this man is now even with society after he killed someone.

One year without pay for Donte, might be in comparison to working one hour without pay for most people…we would feel it as much as a feather landing in our hand.

He took a man’s life, accident or not, and because he is rich, or athletically talented, or sorry, he is able to walk away from this in no time.

It’s not fair to the Reyes family or the sport of football that this man be allowed back in the league.

Donte Stallworth shouldn’t be wearing a Browns jersey anymore – he should be wearing an orange jumpsuit.

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