Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 8

There are two fan bases that need to shut up – the San Francisco Giants and the Boston Bruins.

The Giants fans are still pissed their catcher, and best player, Buster Posey is out for the year with a broken leg because of a collision at home.

They want suspensions, fines and rule changes after Scott Collins ran him, but to be quite honest, if you look at the tape again, it was bad positioning by Buster that led to his leg breaking.

I like Buster, I think he’s one of the best catchers in the National League, but his leg got caught in an awkward spot and he fell even more awkwardly – that’s the truth.

Even Johnny Bench, the greatest catcher of all time, said so.

Now I feel bad for Collins who has apologized several times, saying he was just making a baseball play. It was vicious, he left his feet to make the hit, but this kid has been getting DEATH THREATS since the boy check he delivered.

No kid should be punished that way and you’d think after the Brian Stow incident, Giants fans may realize they are taking it a bit far.

The Bruins fans meanwhile are still hollering about the Alex Burrows “biting” incident and thinking the Canucks forward should be strung up from the Pesky Pole in right field at Fenway.

It’s pretty obvious there was some intent, but it sure doesn’t look like he was going to even get to the skin the way he was clamping down and let’s be realistic, the facewash is one of the most overused, wimpy ways of doing some agitating after the whistle – either be a man and hit him or don’t do anything. The putting your hand in his face like you’re smashing a whipped cream pie on him is overdone.

Fans SHOULD be upset with the hit by Aaron Rome – but justice is served in that case with the four game suspension for the late hit. He will not be back this season. And that will be yet another topic for the blue ribbon panel to discuss about Rule 48.

This headshot/late hit conversation has gone on too long, either ban checking and physical contact completely, or Police it so you’d be a damn fool to even put your toes in the water of that rule.

That’s why those two fan bases need to zip it – and that’s MDS.

June 5

The Big Diesel is gone about 19 years and 15 all-star games. Shaquille O’Neal announced his retirement from the NBA and will go down, in my opinion as one of the most entertaining, witty and humourous athletes of all time. No one else is able to become a US Deputy Marshall, put out for rap albums, two horrible movies and give himself nicknames and make it cool. God love you Shaq, you’ll be missed.


The Heat are Enemy of the Basketball world and no one could be happier than NBA Commish, David Stern, this NBA Finals is on pace to be the most watched series in history. Sure people are watching to see Miami lose – but they’re watching. And in the end, that’s all that matters.


Vancouver is going to get a tough wakeup call in Boston. They win on a marker by 14 goal scorer Raffi Torres with less than 19 seconds left in Game 1 and on a fluke wraparound in Game 2…every shot Tim Thomas could have made in this series, he has. Remember, this is supposed to be a long series – and it will be. The Canucks will be lucky to go home with a split.


And on the first MDS, how about I do something I probably won’t do again – give the Toronto Maple Leafs a compliment. They found a way to trade a very overrated player and get quite the Pirate’s loot for him. Just like hundreds that have come before him, Tomas Kaberle was put on a pedestal higher than the rafters of the ACC themselves. Reality check: he’s not THAT good. He’s got 8 assists in the playoffs, in 20 games, and is only playing 16 minutes a night. That puts him 5th among Bruins defenseman. But the Leafs were able to parlay Tomas for a prospect and two high picks. Nice job Brian Burke. Unfortunately, once the draft comes they will end up picking my sister and a blind kid with those selections.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Hate - Jan 18

I hate the moment when you’re in a debate and you realize you’re completely wrong.

This isn’t because of any specific event that happened today, just something I recall being very annoying. You’ve got all your points lined up, you’re firing them back and forth at your opponent and then “click”…you know you’re wrong. Anything from actors that have starred in movies or ingredients in meals. That second when it hits you in the face that you’re way off – damn you.