Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nov 26

Happy Turkey Day!

-3 games on the schedule winners...

Green Bay
New York Giants

Random Predictions
-Roy Halladay will be traded to the Boston Red Sox before December 15
-The Tigers will not trade Cabrera or Granderson
-The Detroit Pistons will not make the playoffs
-The Detroit Red Wings will finish 6th in the Western Conference and lose in Round 1
-The Lions will finish with 3 wins
-The Indianapolis Colts will stay perfect longer than New Orleans
-The Saints will not make the Super Bowl...neither will Indy

I will add on as they come to me

Enjoy your Thanksgiving my American friends!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Nov 20

Only one more week of this moustache!

-I don't believe I've mentioned before that I can growing a 'stache for Mo-vember to raise money for men's health issues, especially prostate cancer.  That's a scary thing to have to deal with and Craig and I are more than happy to take part in any fundraising efforts we can.  But I gotta tell Keith Hernandez says in the Just For Men commercials "This Stache is Trash"'s been 19 days since I shaved and I'm happy to announce it is now fairly noticeable. While a few people in our office have had to trim theirs, or lost theirs completely, I have merely been fighting for a little colour and growth.  You are always wondering if you should change your look or if you are looking a little too plain lately...but I know one thing I can cross off my list for good - the 'stache.  I look like I should not be allowed near your children, or a park, or anywhere in public, really.  I was hoping to look like Tom Selleck by the end of this, but I probably look more like his mom. Only 8 more days and it comes off...I probably won't even use a razor. I'll rip it off myself.  Thankfully it's for charity.  So donate a Abar's in Windsor or online at and help me raise some money for growing a stache...and looking like a jackass...

-I meant to write this a couple days ago and am just getting to it now...the busy life of naps that I lead.  The Tigers have been coming up a lot recently in the news and for all the wrong reasons.  A sudden rush to cut salary has forced the Tigers to dangle names like Edwin Jackson, Curtis Granderson and even Miguel Cabrera on the trade market.  This is an absolute insult to Tigers fans and these players.  It is not their fault that they have such large contracts - you offered them, they signed them. Now you want a mulligan on deals you gave only one or two years ago.  Your payroll is not high because of Grandy and Cabby...your payroll is high because you stupidly have tossed money at Magglio Ordonez, Nate Robertson and Dontrelle Willis, to name a few.  The money you are spending on Cabby is a STEAL.  On Granderson, well deserved. But you put those contracts next to Dontrelle or Maggs and it's laughable.  Now you think the only way to rebound is to trade your stars so you can accommodate the payroll of your idiots.

-There is not a package I would agree to trade Cabrera for.  The deal would have to be so obviously lopsided, it is criticized as the worst trade in baseball history.  I'm talking about Beckett, Lowry, Ellsbury, Papelbon and a prospect.  That's a deal I would trade Cabby for.  Aside from that - go away.  Cabby is a Top 3 player in the AL and the only offensive reason this team stood a chance last year...and how do you thank him?  Put his name out there in trade offers.  Brilliant.  Granderson I would hate to trade, but would if the deal was right.  But the deal MUST include a speedy, leadoff outfielder. Not the fake speed, .250 average leadoff outfielder that Granderson represents.

-The Tigers are getting 60 million dollars taken off the table after this season because of their horrible contract decisions.  If they really can't hold out for one more season, then as Cabby and Grandy goes - Dave Dombrowski should follow.  It is his fault we have had to cut salary and I put having to trade a man who will be one of the greatest Tigers ever when he's done on Dombrowski's shoulders.  He has failed to produce a consistant winner in Detroit and I think it is time he takes a walk.  Don't make your obstructed view of Nate Robertson's value cost Tiger fans a true superstar.  Suck it up and keep those two, and spend your extra 60 million next year WISELY!  Until then, good luck finding a cheap shortstop, second baseman, 3rd starter, three bullpen pitchers and a utility man or two.

-Red Wings/Panthers tonight...guarenteed win night??

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nov 18

-Back to normal

-Football picks are a funny thing...for hours and hours a man can delve into such a large pool of stats that he drowns. He knows that Kansas City's defensive line is struggling. He knows New England's passing game is as good as any. He knows Baltimore hasn't won in Chicago in 14 tries...but's all bullshit. The perfect example of this was this past weekend with my girlfriend, Kim. I don't consider myself an NFL wiz-kid by any means...I know who's good, I know who's bad and I know who should win games...or so I think. I finished my picks this week 8-5...which is the best I've done in the three weeks I've kept track (moving my record to 22-17 after 3 wks) girlfriend also picked the games with me, for fun. She went 9-4...yes, I got beat. Now looking at the matchups this week, I knew Washington was as bad as teams come these days in the NFL, I know Dallas has been red-hot of late and I know the Eagles are in tough against San Diego. My girlfriend, the sports ificianto that she is, wasn't sure of some of the team names...yet in the game of "Who Will Win", I got schooled...another example of the old saying, "no matter how much you know, you don't know shit!"

-Another great example of this I've experienced was at my old radio station in Owen Sound...we had a football pool every year, very simple - pick the winner. The first year I was there, I found out quickly that the competition was stiff and I'd have to be on my game. Manny, JD, Jim and even my buddy John were impressive in their art of picks...but so was our friend Jamie (yes, female)...long story short...Jamie won the pool and when asked how she picked the wasn't because New Orleans rushing numbers in domes during 4:05pm starts is off the's because she picked which city she'd rather go to. "No matter how much you know, you don't know shit!"

-I do know the writers got it RIGHT by selecting Zach Grenkie as the AL Cy Young Award winner. Justin Verlander, the personal favourite, finished 3rd behing Felix Hernandez of Seattle. I disagree with that, thinking it should have been Grenkie, Verlander and Hernandez - but a small disgression. Grenkie was a killer this year. A 2.16 ERA is unheard of and 16 wins for a Royals starter is unheard of. He had such incredible stuff that if he got a 3 or 4 run lead and you knew the game was over. I dont think you got that feeling from another pitcher this year. Add in the personal issues he's gone through and the fact that he plays every day in the VERY small market/small results city of Kansas City, he deserved it more than anyone. It also gave me some satisfaction to see CC Sabathia not in the Top 3. Yes, he had 19 wins, but in comparison, he had a 3.30+ ERA and he played for a team that would consider scoring 6 runs a "slow day at the office". Good on ya Zack!

-Tomorrow I will explore what Dave Dombrowski is thinking about doing to the Tigers...and what the Tigers SHOULD end up doing with him.

Go see Paranormal Activity...and have a good sleep!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

NFL Picks - Week 10

-How can a man enjoy a Sunday afternoon when I only get the Lions/Vikings game at 1p!?

New Orleans
Kansas City
New England


Friday, November 13, 2009

Nov 13

Weekend Wonders...

Why is it that some things that are supposed to be good for you and good for our planet cost more money?

If you want an energy efficient fridge or washer and dryer, it’s sometimes double the price of a normal appliance, but in 4 or 5 years you will make up the difference.

I even ran into that a couple days ago when I was at a hardware store buying lightbulbs.

There are “energy efficient” ones that will last for 1200 hours without being changed, but they are 6 bucks each…I bought a two pack of regular bulbs for 3! I’m not going to make the extra effort to save some energy when it’s costing me double…maybe if I thinking of “down-the-road”…but not for lightbulbs!

Here’s a number that must be insulting to all the Veterans we honoured on Wednesday: 59.1%.

That is the voter turnout in Canada from 2008 – the lowest in history.

In 2004, it was 61%, which was the lowest at the time.

We don’t need to be reminded that these brave men and women have given the ultimate sacrifice for us to enjoy certain advantages – it’s just too bad we don’t take advantage of them!

Sure politics is crooked and most people don’t trust a politician as far as they can throw them, but maybe next time a vote comes up, instead of thinking “your vote doesn’t matter”, think “people have died so I am able to walk up to this booth and check off a box and not be afraid of being shot or attacked when doing so.

Maybe we should go to a country like Cuba or North Korea and ask them if they would like to vote and not have to look over their shoulder while they do it.

I would guess they would have more than 59 percent of people show up.

Thousands of people have died so we can vote…and an appearance at the polls is acknowledging their service for us…treat elections like that – and not like a waste of your time.

And with the Windsor International Film Festival underway in Windsor the talk of the city becoming a hub for movies has spark up again.

There seems to be some people who think this would be a bad idea for the city, but how could that be?

This city is struggling to keep businesses open and keep residents employed and ANY idea is a good idea right now.

Movies are becoming more and more expensive to make in places like Hollywood or New York or Toronto and Windsor is obviously as close as you can get to the US border and you can probably get a cheaper deal on everything by doing work here.

So I say go for it! Good for the Film Festival, good for Windsor trying to be the new Hollywood North and hey…maybe if some big movies get made in this town I’ll finally get to meet Kiefer Sutherland…umm…I mean Jessica Alba.

Ahhh about 10 hours...EVERYONE will be good looking :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nov 11

Let's see how we've done...

-Catching up on some predictions today...much like Week Week 9 predictions were just above it followed in line with my performance at many different things...another 7-6 week for me...making me 14-12 through two weeks...not exactly Cy Young material...

-Speaking of MLB awards...let's see how I did predicting the Gold Gloves, by fielding alone.  Of course I was bias with the catcher's position and I was right...Laird got screwed because he can't hit and lost a DEFENSIVE award!

-Of the 9 positions I guessed in the AL:  I got 4 right...of the 9 in the NL...I got 4 right...below average I guess...still don't know how Kevin Kouzmanoff didn't get a Gold Glove after making THREE errors at 3rd base all year!  Washington's Ryan Zimmerman got the award...PS...he made 17 errors...Gold Glove?  Really?

-There's a lot of talk about what the Tigers will do in the offseason, considering their financial issues...already rumours swirl that Edwin Jackson is on the trade block, particularily going to the Dodgers for George Sherrill...that somewhat solves our closer problem...but leaves a wide open hole in a wid open you are down to Verlander and Porcello as starters - and no one even close to follow up...the worst part is Jackson and Sherrill make about the same, though Jackson is arbitration eligible.  The Tigers need to take it simple this Polanco, try to trade Maggs in the offseason by throwing him in a deal, get Lyon back as your full-time closer, groom Perry as the set-up man and lay low with free agent signings...put the same team you had on the field last year out there again...take your hits...and then in 2011, when the economy will be back to normal and you'll have at least 50 million off the books - start spending...2010 will not be a good year for the Tigers...probably back in that popular 3rd place spot in the worst division in baseball...but expect huge things in least spending wise.

-Take some time today and think of the fallen soldiers who have lost their lives to allow us to do the simple things in life, vote, write on blogs and not have to live in fear every time we leave our homes...thousands of men and women have died for our freedoms and the battle continues in Afghanistan and around the world.  Do not forget these brave men and women today - or any day for that matter...and give a moment of reflective silence and thanks to them takes a special person to be a soldier...they are the true heroes in our society.

Never forget...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Nov 9

Never picking the Lions again...

-Hoping to break the 8 win mark with a Pittburgh win tonight on the road...go steel city!

-The LaSalle Vipers hockey team has been able to get the H1N1 flu shot before some at-risk patients. They are following the same road as the NBA's Toronto Raptors or the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs and Calgary Flames.  Honestly, I don't have a huge problem with the NHL teams weaselling their way to the front of the line and getting the shot. I know it is because they are so close and in such confined space together almost 24/7 that if one gets it, they could all get it. Athletes have had a fair advantage over every day citizens in all kinds of medical situations.  If a player gets hurt on the ice or on the field and is taken to hospital, they get an MRI before the game is done so the announcers are able to update viewers or listeners.  Try walking into a hospital this week and saying to the nurse "I may have broke my wrist, can I get an MRI." and back away slowly as she laughs hysterically in your face.  Anyways, I have no problem with the NHLers getting the shot, considering there are millions of dollars at stake...but a Junior B hockey team from LaSalle!?!  These kids aren't 20 years old yet and should be in pretty good condition considering their "profession".  You would think they might be the last people that would need the shot.  And the Vipers aren't spending days on end on the road with each other or travelling in hotels together, they travel to Leamington and back the same night for games.  I have no plans on getting the H1N1 flu shot and I don't think swine flu is going to end society as we know it...but I don't think "healthy" 17 hockey players should be getting it before pregnant women, seniors and children. doesn't FEEL like a high of 19 outside today!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

NFL Picks - Week 9

Hoping to improve on my 7-6 record...

New England
Green Bay
New Orleans
New York Giants
San Francisco

Here's hopin!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nov 5

Getting back to 100%...

-Was anyone else cold just watching the fans sitting in the new Yankee Stadium last night?

-The New York Yankees are World Series Champions for the first time since 2000 and the 27th time in franchise history.  Congrats and enjoy.  For Derek Jeter and a few others, it's #5...for A-Rod, Teixeria and a few others, it's #1.  The baseball world's Lex Luthor or Darth Vader has the trophy for another year.  The hate-on for the Yankees is obvious, frustrating and motivated - but it's also unjustified.  The only word I come up with when I concern myself with the Yankees is jealousy.  People say New York tries to buy a World Series every year...and they do...but there is nothing stopping them.  Baseball needs a salary cap as much as it needs a diamond to play on.  It is still the only professional league without one and this is what happens when one is not in place.  The Yankees spend 201 million dollars this year on payroll...a number that actually went DOWN from 2008 (their payroll was 209 million)...and why one is telling them they can't.

-If you are given 500 dollars to buy a suit, and someone else is given 100 dollars to buy a suit...who will get the nicer suit?  You, of course, cause you can afford it.  Well...the Yankees can afford a closet full of $500 dollar why the hate on?

-If you look at the list of MLB teams owners you will see guys who own 18 hotel and resort properties around the world (Oakland's Lewis Wolff) or the former President and CEO of WAL-MART (Kansas City's David Glass) and you'll see men with MILLIONS to spend on their baseball product - but don't. George Steinbrenner isn't the richest owner in baseball...not by a long shot...but he spends all his money on the team.

-You're telling me the guy who ran Wal-Mart from 1984-2000 doesn't have the money to put a decent team on the field?  KCs payroll this year was 70 million (21st in MLB) by the way.

-And paying for Championships doesnt always work.  Look at the Top 10 in the MLB payroll this year:

-Yankees, Mets, Cubs, Red Sox, Tigers, Angels, Phillies, Astros, Dodgers, Mariners.

-Five of those teams made the of them choked their way out of it...and the other four were disasters!

-The Twins were a 65 million dollar team that won the Central this year...last year, the Rays were a 43 million dollar team that went to the World Series.

-But baseball is the only league on the planet which has five or six teams you can write-off once the year begins...because they just can't afford the talent to compete (Pittsburgh, Washington are great examples).

-I don't hate on the Yankees for "buying" a World Series...I hate Major League Baseball...and I've said it a thousand times and I will say it a thousand more:

-Baseball's biggest problem is NOT's biggest problem is not having a payroll.

At least my hair is real Andre!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nov 4

My computer and I have something in common...we both have some kind of virus...

-Sometimes people look too deep into stats to justify giving a big-name star an award...MVPs, Silver Sluggers, Rookie of the Years and alike are offensive've never heard of an MVP that won the award because of his defense.  The only award for defense is the Gold Glove.  And offense should have NOTHING to do with it.

-Case and point - American League Catcher...Gerald Laird is the Gold Glove Award winner for catchers in the AL.  This season, he had a .997 fielding percentage (1st in the AL), played 135 games (1st in the AL), BY FAR caught the most runners trying to steal ( highest - Posada 31...PS - Mauer 19), made only 3 errors (tied for 1st with Mauer...but played 26 more games) and had 78 assists (1st in AL - Mauer 31).  Mauer will win the AL Gold Glove for catchers - because of the love-in he gets from sports writers across the country, bigger star power and the fact that he will win the AL MVP as well.  But with the glove, the award is not Joe''s Gerald's...and it's obvious when you look at these numbers.

Here's the way the list of winners SHOULD read out - from stats alone:


C - Gerald Laird, Detroit
1B - Paul Konerko, White Sox
2B - Placido Polanco, Detroit
3B - Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay
SS - Derek Jeter, New York
OF - Jason Bay, Boston...David DeJesus, Kansas City...Torii Hunter, Anaheim
P - Brett Anderson, Oakland


C - Yadier Molina, St. Louis
1B - Adam LaRoche, Atlanta
2B - David Eckstein, San Diego
3B - Kevin Kouzmanoff, San Diego
SS - Jimmy Rollins, Philadelphia
OF - Jeff Francoeur, New York Mets...Shane Victorino, Philadelphia...Matt Kemp, Los Angeles
P - Matt Cain, San Francisco

Keepin Vitamin C in business!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nov 3

I'm fightin a cold...and I'm winning!

-Something SHOULD happen this year that hasnt happened since 1960.  Bobby Richardson won World Series MVP even though his Yankees lost to the Pirates in seven games.  This year, the award SHOULD be given to Chase Utley - no matter what.  The Yankees will win the World Series tomorrow night and deservingly so - they have been the best team in this series.  But Chase Utley has been the best player - and that's what the MVP is.  This argument has gone on for a long can a player who's team doesn't win, get the MVP.  Because to his team - Utley was the most valuable player.  On the Yankees there are two names that come to mind...Rivera and Damon.  Both have had key moments and led their teams to victory. So has Utley...and he's done it in historic fashion with 5 HRs in 5 games.  Howard, Victorino, Ibanez and Werth are struggling to different extents in this series but Utley has been like a rock and has been the main reason his team won both the games they did.  Baseball writers, or whoever votes, will chicken out and give a Yankee the MVP when they win the series...but in the history books, it will be Chase Utley's performance that will be remembered...and should be remembered with a trophy of his own.

-One question though...what's up with Utley's HAIR??  The sliiiicked Pat Riley look has to go...although if he hits like that - maybe the entire Tigers team should invest in some gel....

-First time around with NFL to a slow start I guess...but hey...there's a few teams that wouldn't mind a 7-6 record after Week 16.

-Tomorrow:  Why the Gold Glove award should NOT be given to Joe Mauer.  I can only handle one rant a day...

Mmmm Nyquil!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Nov 2

Fighting a stuffed nose...that's not swing flu right?

-Streaks are a funny thing...the good ones are never remembered, but the bad ones are more well-kept than the baseball cards in my closet. Alex Rodriguez is the definition of a streak - especially because of the money he makes every year...A-Rod did not have a hit in the World Series until a couple days ago...he was already being branded as a "choke artist", "back to his old self" or "showing his true colours".  He went 0-8 in the first two games of the series before he was hit by Cole Hamels and then drove a pitch off a camera lense in his next at-bat.  Streak over.  He then got a key double yesterday to drive in the winning run and put the Yankees up 3-1.  If a team loses 3 in a row...they are in a horrible slump.  If a team wins 3 in a's a nice weekend.  Streaks are a part of they are every sport.  And none of them mean anything.

-How did the Lions lose to ST. LOUIS!!!  At one point I saw the ticker on the bottom of the screen showed a 3-2 Rams lead...or was that the Cardinals?  No matter how many good games there are in the NFL...there's always one bad one...and it doesn't get much worse than a 17-10 sleeper between the two worst teams in the league.  The Lions are trying to take a step forward with their franchise...but a loss to a team worse than them...with or without their star WR (and only pro player right now on offense) a massive step back.

Back to the couch

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nov 1

Happy November...

-There was no champagne, no fanfare, no parade route planned...but last night the New York Yankees won the World Series.  Not only did they weather the storm in Philly (literally and figuratively) they were patient and chipped away at Cole Hamels...they didn't panic when it was 3-0 early for the Phillies and got some timely hitting and pitching as the game went along (both by Andy Pettitte).  The Yankees now lead 2-1 and unless they win the next two games (which obviously would make them champs), they have guarenteed themselves another game at Yankee Stadium...they also have CC Sabathia pitching Game 4 tonight and IF NECESSARY in Game 7.  Even if New York heads home down have to expect some Yankee magic at The House That George Built...I picked Yankees in may not take them that long...

-I called the Owen Sound Attack vs Plymouth Whalers game on Saturday on 560 CFOS in Owen Sound and got a real treat - even before Halloween.  Not only did I get to call a game again with my good friend Fred Wallace, I got to watch the Attack with a surprisingly dominant performance for the second night in a row...and even most enjoyable...I got to watch Tyler Seguin for the first time this year...Seguin is a Brampton native who is in his 2nd year with the Whalers.  He draws deserving comparison to Taylor Hall.  He leads the OHL in goals and does everying at top speed...and MIGHT be the fastest player in the O...I'd have to watch both of them a little closer, but in seeing each of them play one game this year...Seguin has a chance to be as good, if not better, than Hall...On November 12th, the Whalers come to the WFCU Centre to play the Spits...I would recommend you get a seat to see this showdown...and make sure you don't'll miss something special...


NFL Picks - Week 8

Let's see how this goes...

New York Jets
New York Giants
San Diego
Green Bay
New Orleans

More to come today...