Monday, September 6, 2010

Sept 3, 2010

Well there goes summer.

In the blink of an eye, I found myself at home, watching the start of the NCAA Football season, planning my tailgating party for tomorrow and turning off the air conditioner for the evening, wondering if I’ll ever even need it again this year.

Ok, that’s a little dramatic, but really – it’s September now.

We are expecting a nice, warm fall, leading into a reportedly mild winter – which I’m perfectly fine with, but did it seem like this summer went by faster than most?

Maybe it was because it was so nice, most people’s monthly plans were filled by the time the calendar flips.

It’s not officially fall, but this long weekend really does seem to be the final chapter in the thriller that was the summer of 2010…and it was a good one.

Hey, it’s been four months since the explosion that resulted in the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history. I guess it’s time for another:

Luckily, a fire on an oil production facility 100 miles off the Louisiana coast in the Gulf of Mexico appears to have ended without disaster.

Houston-based Mariner Energy Inc. reported that it was able to shut in the wells connected to the oil and gas production platform, averting leaks.

Do you think they have any pamphlets on how they did that? I know a company that could get good use out of reading that manual.

Have you heard about the 10 month old Chinese Michelin baby? At 10 months he weighs 44 pounds – the average weight of a 6-year old! That’s all.

You know when life is unfair to you when you are stuck in a mine in Chile – and could be there for another three MONTHS – have been denied some of the necessities of life.

The 33 men, who have each lost at least 22 pounds each, are being given something like tuna and water every day. They have been sent down cards, music and fresh clothes to help cope with the “discomfort” of being stuck 23-hundred feet under the ground.

But they have now been denied booze and cigarettes. Now, how unjust is that! Is there really a better way to pass three months than drinking yourself to sleep? Poor guys, I feel for ya.

So just for you tonight, I’m going to get completely annihilated on Cerveza Cristal and fill my lungs with Marboro’s just for you guys.