Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oct 27

Uh oh...I'm slippin already!

-The World Series starts tomorrow and, on paper, it looks like it will be one for the history books. Both teams have their strong pluses, both teams have their worry-some minuses. But the pitching matchups alone will be outstanding.  I'm so glad I'm not an Indians fan for Game 1 - CC vs Lee.  Two guys who, at one point, were #1 starters for the Mistake by the Lake.  Talk about mistakes...they are now facing each other in the WORLD SERIES.  And where are the Indians?  Hiring MANNY ACTA to be their manager!!

-What kind of dirt (or what kind of snacks) did Manny Acta bring to the table to get the job in Cleveland?  Sure they didn't have many options, and it appeared at one point they would even consider bringing Bobby Valentine back from the dead (Japana) to manage their team.  But how do you look your fans and the media in the eye if you're Mark Shapiro and explain that a man who lead his team to back-to-back 100 loss seasons is "the man" to take your team to another level??  Good luck!  Indians finish last in the Central in 2010.

-Speaking of hires...I have no problem bringing Mark McGwire back to baseball...there are a number of reasons why his name should be cleared - but drugs are drugs...he took suppliments - which arent steroids...and those particular suppliments may not have even been on baseball's banned list when he took them. So leave the guy alone.  He is now the poster-boy for what Hall of Fame voters will do to you if you are busted for performance enhancing drugs.  My concern is...does a guy with a .260 career battling average, a wack of home runs and hundreds of intentional walks know how to teach young players how to hit?  What will he do for Colby Rasmus or Brendan Ryan?  I have no problem with the hire on a professional level...but I really question his ability to perform in that position.

-Back to the World Series.  CC vs Lee in Game 1...Pedro at the new Yankee Stadium for Game 2...what a great start...it's one of those series I hope goes seven games so we can see these teams go back and forth for another week.  Baseball has saved the best for last and really does have it's two best teams left when the dust settles.  But who wins?  By home-field advantage alone (which will be HUGE in this series)...I give the crown to the New York Yankees in 7.

-The NBA season begins tonight...some highlights to look forward to?  LeBron + Shaq = entertainment with a capital E...the "new look" Detroit Pistons...can the Hornets and the Magic take their game to the next level...and can Kobe and the Lakers really do it again?...

-And finally (a long one today to make up for lost time)...the Toronto Maple Leafs have won their first game of the year.  They are on pace to win 10.2 games (which they won't - no one could), but Leaf Nation is already setting up the lawnchairs on Bay Street for the parade...RELAX...this team is going to get worse before it gets better...but no one wants to see one of the most historic franchises in sports play that poorly...not even me...


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