Friday, October 23, 2009

Oct 23

Heading into the weekend!

-Another great MLB playoff game last night...I don't remember a year that had so many intense, down to the last out games like this year.  Craig and I were staying in Leamington last night because we had to do the show in Kingsville today and we ended up in the bar at the Seacliffe Inn watching a good portion of the game.  By the time we looked up from our wings it was 4-0...then without warning (and 2 outs) New York looks like they steal the game and series away.  Angels come back and here is the definition of how tired I was last night...bases loaded, two outs, one run game, Yankees win and they go to the series...AND I FELL ASLEEP! haha...didn't find out what happened until this morning.  I will not be missing Game 6 (which should go New York's way).

-I don't get into Halloween.  I just never really have.  Tomorrow is my attempt to enjoy the "holiday" season and it really should be a good time.  I'm taking the girlfriend, Kim, to Michigan (scary enough) to see Saw VI (that's for me) and go to a Haunted House (that's for her)...that's about all I do for Halloween...and it will be a lot of fun.

-I've decided that every Saturday I will post my picks in the NFL and keep track, just to see if my predictions go along with my alleged knowledge.  So look for Saturday NFL picks...and true results from my predictions.

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