Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oct 21

Let's keep it going!

-MLB needs instant replay.  Did you see the absolutely rediculous non-call last night in the Angels/Yankees game when Robinson Cano and Jorge Posada were tagged out at 3rd - but only one was called out...both were off the bag by a step or two when they were tagged.  A Forest Glade level umpire knows how to make that call!  How about the ball that dropped three feet fair that was called foul and screwed the Twins over in the ALDS?!  Another plain-as-day call missed. Each team should get two replays a game (just like in the NFL).  It should not be allowed to be used in balls and strikes...but plays in the field - yes.

-And for those who believe it will slow down a slow game even more.  Why doesn't baseball use the 20 second rule more.  It's in the books that a pitcher has 20 seconds from the time he gets the ball back to the catcher to when he throws it.  If they don't, a ball is called. Justin Verlander can do it, Roy Halladay can do it...everyone should. These men are being paid millions of dollars...LEARN TO ADJUST.

-NHL Stanley Cup Prediction:  Philadelphia Flyers over Vancouver's on paper (or on screen) taking it back now...Toronto finishes 11th in the Eastern Conference...Detroit finishes 5th and loses in the semi-finals...MVP - Mike Richards.

-Phil Kessel scores 22 goals and 37 assists...59 points this year...Leafs #7 overall pick goes to Boston in the trade...worth it?

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