Monday, November 9, 2009

Nov 9

Never picking the Lions again...

-Hoping to break the 8 win mark with a Pittburgh win tonight on the road...go steel city!

-The LaSalle Vipers hockey team has been able to get the H1N1 flu shot before some at-risk patients. They are following the same road as the NBA's Toronto Raptors or the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs and Calgary Flames.  Honestly, I don't have a huge problem with the NHL teams weaselling their way to the front of the line and getting the shot. I know it is because they are so close and in such confined space together almost 24/7 that if one gets it, they could all get it. Athletes have had a fair advantage over every day citizens in all kinds of medical situations.  If a player gets hurt on the ice or on the field and is taken to hospital, they get an MRI before the game is done so the announcers are able to update viewers or listeners.  Try walking into a hospital this week and saying to the nurse "I may have broke my wrist, can I get an MRI." and back away slowly as she laughs hysterically in your face.  Anyways, I have no problem with the NHLers getting the shot, considering there are millions of dollars at stake...but a Junior B hockey team from LaSalle!?!  These kids aren't 20 years old yet and should be in pretty good condition considering their "profession".  You would think they might be the last people that would need the shot.  And the Vipers aren't spending days on end on the road with each other or travelling in hotels together, they travel to Leamington and back the same night for games.  I have no plans on getting the H1N1 flu shot and I don't think swine flu is going to end society as we know it...but I don't think "healthy" 17 hockey players should be getting it before pregnant women, seniors and children. doesn't FEEL like a high of 19 outside today!

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