Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nov 3

I'm fightin a cold...and I'm winning!

-Something SHOULD happen this year that hasnt happened since 1960.  Bobby Richardson won World Series MVP even though his Yankees lost to the Pirates in seven games.  This year, the award SHOULD be given to Chase Utley - no matter what.  The Yankees will win the World Series tomorrow night and deservingly so - they have been the best team in this series.  But Chase Utley has been the best player - and that's what the MVP is.  This argument has gone on for a long time...how can a player who's team doesn't win, get the MVP.  Because to his team - Utley was the most valuable player.  On the Yankees there are two names that come to mind...Rivera and Damon.  Both have had key moments and led their teams to victory. So has Utley...and he's done it in historic fashion with 5 HRs in 5 games.  Howard, Victorino, Ibanez and Werth are struggling to different extents in this series but Utley has been like a rock and has been the main reason his team won both the games they did.  Baseball writers, or whoever votes, will chicken out and give a Yankee the MVP when they win the series...but in the history books, it will be Chase Utley's performance that will be remembered...and should be remembered with a trophy of his own.

-One question though...what's up with Utley's HAIR??  The sliiiicked Pat Riley look has to go...although if he hits like that - maybe the entire Tigers team should invest in some gel....

-First time around with NFL picks...7-6...off to a slow start I guess...but hey...there's a few teams that wouldn't mind a 7-6 record after Week 16.

-Tomorrow:  Why the Gold Glove award should NOT be given to Joe Mauer.  I can only handle one rant a day...

Mmmm Nyquil!

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