Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nov 11

Let's see how we've done...

-Catching up on some predictions today...much like Week Week 9 predictions were just above it followed in line with my performance at many different things...another 7-6 week for me...making me 14-12 through two weeks...not exactly Cy Young material...

-Speaking of MLB awards...let's see how I did predicting the Gold Gloves, by fielding alone.  Of course I was bias with the catcher's position and I was right...Laird got screwed because he can't hit and lost a DEFENSIVE award!

-Of the 9 positions I guessed in the AL:  I got 4 right...of the 9 in the NL...I got 4 right...below average I guess...still don't know how Kevin Kouzmanoff didn't get a Gold Glove after making THREE errors at 3rd base all year!  Washington's Ryan Zimmerman got the award...PS...he made 17 errors...Gold Glove?  Really?

-There's a lot of talk about what the Tigers will do in the offseason, considering their financial issues...already rumours swirl that Edwin Jackson is on the trade block, particularily going to the Dodgers for George Sherrill...that somewhat solves our closer problem...but leaves a wide open hole in a wid open you are down to Verlander and Porcello as starters - and no one even close to follow up...the worst part is Jackson and Sherrill make about the same, though Jackson is arbitration eligible.  The Tigers need to take it simple this Polanco, try to trade Maggs in the offseason by throwing him in a deal, get Lyon back as your full-time closer, groom Perry as the set-up man and lay low with free agent signings...put the same team you had on the field last year out there again...take your hits...and then in 2011, when the economy will be back to normal and you'll have at least 50 million off the books - start spending...2010 will not be a good year for the Tigers...probably back in that popular 3rd place spot in the worst division in baseball...but expect huge things in least spending wise.

-Take some time today and think of the fallen soldiers who have lost their lives to allow us to do the simple things in life, vote, write on blogs and not have to live in fear every time we leave our homes...thousands of men and women have died for our freedoms and the battle continues in Afghanistan and around the world.  Do not forget these brave men and women today - or any day for that matter...and give a moment of reflective silence and thanks to them takes a special person to be a soldier...they are the true heroes in our society.

Never forget...

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