Monday, November 2, 2009

Nov 2

Fighting a stuffed nose...that's not swing flu right?

-Streaks are a funny thing...the good ones are never remembered, but the bad ones are more well-kept than the baseball cards in my closet. Alex Rodriguez is the definition of a streak - especially because of the money he makes every year...A-Rod did not have a hit in the World Series until a couple days ago...he was already being branded as a "choke artist", "back to his old self" or "showing his true colours".  He went 0-8 in the first two games of the series before he was hit by Cole Hamels and then drove a pitch off a camera lense in his next at-bat.  Streak over.  He then got a key double yesterday to drive in the winning run and put the Yankees up 3-1.  If a team loses 3 in a row...they are in a horrible slump.  If a team wins 3 in a's a nice weekend.  Streaks are a part of they are every sport.  And none of them mean anything.

-How did the Lions lose to ST. LOUIS!!!  At one point I saw the ticker on the bottom of the screen showed a 3-2 Rams lead...or was that the Cardinals?  No matter how many good games there are in the NFL...there's always one bad one...and it doesn't get much worse than a 17-10 sleeper between the two worst teams in the league.  The Lions are trying to take a step forward with their franchise...but a loss to a team worse than them...with or without their star WR (and only pro player right now on offense) a massive step back.

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