Friday, November 20, 2009

Nov 20

Only one more week of this moustache!

-I don't believe I've mentioned before that I can growing a 'stache for Mo-vember to raise money for men's health issues, especially prostate cancer.  That's a scary thing to have to deal with and Craig and I are more than happy to take part in any fundraising efforts we can.  But I gotta tell Keith Hernandez says in the Just For Men commercials "This Stache is Trash"'s been 19 days since I shaved and I'm happy to announce it is now fairly noticeable. While a few people in our office have had to trim theirs, or lost theirs completely, I have merely been fighting for a little colour and growth.  You are always wondering if you should change your look or if you are looking a little too plain lately...but I know one thing I can cross off my list for good - the 'stache.  I look like I should not be allowed near your children, or a park, or anywhere in public, really.  I was hoping to look like Tom Selleck by the end of this, but I probably look more like his mom. Only 8 more days and it comes off...I probably won't even use a razor. I'll rip it off myself.  Thankfully it's for charity.  So donate a Abar's in Windsor or online at and help me raise some money for growing a stache...and looking like a jackass...

-I meant to write this a couple days ago and am just getting to it now...the busy life of naps that I lead.  The Tigers have been coming up a lot recently in the news and for all the wrong reasons.  A sudden rush to cut salary has forced the Tigers to dangle names like Edwin Jackson, Curtis Granderson and even Miguel Cabrera on the trade market.  This is an absolute insult to Tigers fans and these players.  It is not their fault that they have such large contracts - you offered them, they signed them. Now you want a mulligan on deals you gave only one or two years ago.  Your payroll is not high because of Grandy and Cabby...your payroll is high because you stupidly have tossed money at Magglio Ordonez, Nate Robertson and Dontrelle Willis, to name a few.  The money you are spending on Cabby is a STEAL.  On Granderson, well deserved. But you put those contracts next to Dontrelle or Maggs and it's laughable.  Now you think the only way to rebound is to trade your stars so you can accommodate the payroll of your idiots.

-There is not a package I would agree to trade Cabrera for.  The deal would have to be so obviously lopsided, it is criticized as the worst trade in baseball history.  I'm talking about Beckett, Lowry, Ellsbury, Papelbon and a prospect.  That's a deal I would trade Cabby for.  Aside from that - go away.  Cabby is a Top 3 player in the AL and the only offensive reason this team stood a chance last year...and how do you thank him?  Put his name out there in trade offers.  Brilliant.  Granderson I would hate to trade, but would if the deal was right.  But the deal MUST include a speedy, leadoff outfielder. Not the fake speed, .250 average leadoff outfielder that Granderson represents.

-The Tigers are getting 60 million dollars taken off the table after this season because of their horrible contract decisions.  If they really can't hold out for one more season, then as Cabby and Grandy goes - Dave Dombrowski should follow.  It is his fault we have had to cut salary and I put having to trade a man who will be one of the greatest Tigers ever when he's done on Dombrowski's shoulders.  He has failed to produce a consistant winner in Detroit and I think it is time he takes a walk.  Don't make your obstructed view of Nate Robertson's value cost Tiger fans a true superstar.  Suck it up and keep those two, and spend your extra 60 million next year WISELY!  Until then, good luck finding a cheap shortstop, second baseman, 3rd starter, three bullpen pitchers and a utility man or two.

-Red Wings/Panthers tonight...guarenteed win night??

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