Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nov 18

-Back to normal

-Football picks are a funny thing...for hours and hours a man can delve into such a large pool of stats that he drowns. He knows that Kansas City's defensive line is struggling. He knows New England's passing game is as good as any. He knows Baltimore hasn't won in Chicago in 14 tries...but's all bullshit. The perfect example of this was this past weekend with my girlfriend, Kim. I don't consider myself an NFL wiz-kid by any means...I know who's good, I know who's bad and I know who should win games...or so I think. I finished my picks this week 8-5...which is the best I've done in the three weeks I've kept track (moving my record to 22-17 after 3 wks) girlfriend also picked the games with me, for fun. She went 9-4...yes, I got beat. Now looking at the matchups this week, I knew Washington was as bad as teams come these days in the NFL, I know Dallas has been red-hot of late and I know the Eagles are in tough against San Diego. My girlfriend, the sports ificianto that she is, wasn't sure of some of the team names...yet in the game of "Who Will Win", I got schooled...another example of the old saying, "no matter how much you know, you don't know shit!"

-Another great example of this I've experienced was at my old radio station in Owen Sound...we had a football pool every year, very simple - pick the winner. The first year I was there, I found out quickly that the competition was stiff and I'd have to be on my game. Manny, JD, Jim and even my buddy John were impressive in their art of picks...but so was our friend Jamie (yes, female)...long story short...Jamie won the pool and when asked how she picked the wasn't because New Orleans rushing numbers in domes during 4:05pm starts is off the's because she picked which city she'd rather go to. "No matter how much you know, you don't know shit!"

-I do know the writers got it RIGHT by selecting Zach Grenkie as the AL Cy Young Award winner. Justin Verlander, the personal favourite, finished 3rd behing Felix Hernandez of Seattle. I disagree with that, thinking it should have been Grenkie, Verlander and Hernandez - but a small disgression. Grenkie was a killer this year. A 2.16 ERA is unheard of and 16 wins for a Royals starter is unheard of. He had such incredible stuff that if he got a 3 or 4 run lead and you knew the game was over. I dont think you got that feeling from another pitcher this year. Add in the personal issues he's gone through and the fact that he plays every day in the VERY small market/small results city of Kansas City, he deserved it more than anyone. It also gave me some satisfaction to see CC Sabathia not in the Top 3. Yes, he had 19 wins, but in comparison, he had a 3.30+ ERA and he played for a team that would consider scoring 6 runs a "slow day at the office". Good on ya Zack!

-Tomorrow I will explore what Dave Dombrowski is thinking about doing to the Tigers...and what the Tigers SHOULD end up doing with him.

Go see Paranormal Activity...and have a good sleep!

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