Friday, November 13, 2009

Nov 13

Weekend Wonders...

Why is it that some things that are supposed to be good for you and good for our planet cost more money?

If you want an energy efficient fridge or washer and dryer, it’s sometimes double the price of a normal appliance, but in 4 or 5 years you will make up the difference.

I even ran into that a couple days ago when I was at a hardware store buying lightbulbs.

There are “energy efficient” ones that will last for 1200 hours without being changed, but they are 6 bucks each…I bought a two pack of regular bulbs for 3! I’m not going to make the extra effort to save some energy when it’s costing me double…maybe if I thinking of “down-the-road”…but not for lightbulbs!

Here’s a number that must be insulting to all the Veterans we honoured on Wednesday: 59.1%.

That is the voter turnout in Canada from 2008 – the lowest in history.

In 2004, it was 61%, which was the lowest at the time.

We don’t need to be reminded that these brave men and women have given the ultimate sacrifice for us to enjoy certain advantages – it’s just too bad we don’t take advantage of them!

Sure politics is crooked and most people don’t trust a politician as far as they can throw them, but maybe next time a vote comes up, instead of thinking “your vote doesn’t matter”, think “people have died so I am able to walk up to this booth and check off a box and not be afraid of being shot or attacked when doing so.

Maybe we should go to a country like Cuba or North Korea and ask them if they would like to vote and not have to look over their shoulder while they do it.

I would guess they would have more than 59 percent of people show up.

Thousands of people have died so we can vote…and an appearance at the polls is acknowledging their service for us…treat elections like that – and not like a waste of your time.

And with the Windsor International Film Festival underway in Windsor the talk of the city becoming a hub for movies has spark up again.

There seems to be some people who think this would be a bad idea for the city, but how could that be?

This city is struggling to keep businesses open and keep residents employed and ANY idea is a good idea right now.

Movies are becoming more and more expensive to make in places like Hollywood or New York or Toronto and Windsor is obviously as close as you can get to the US border and you can probably get a cheaper deal on everything by doing work here.

So I say go for it! Good for the Film Festival, good for Windsor trying to be the new Hollywood North and hey…maybe if some big movies get made in this town I’ll finally get to meet Kiefer Sutherland…umm…I mean Jessica Alba.

Ahhh about 10 hours...EVERYONE will be good looking :)

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