Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Enjoy our SIX teams

Do you need any more proof that there will NEVER be another NHL team in Canada?

During his campaign to "better" the National Hockey League and rescue one of it's most fleeting franchises, Jim Balsillie has had more stones thrown at him than Saint Stephen. (look him up)

With the latest news that Jerry Reinsdorf's camp has a deal in principle with the Coyotes' biggest creditor, Balsillie's shining amour is dented and his white horse is heading to the glue factory.

Is it possible to despise a person more than the NHL feels for poor Jimmy?

I tell you, if I was going bankrupt and was going to lose my house, and someone came in and not only overpaid for it, but even promised to move it out of the neighbourhood - I'd be helping him grab an end to lift onto the truck.

The NHL has done everything it can in Canada...expanding back in the Great White North is not expanding the game or growing it as they's admitting a loss.

Canadians love their hockey more than their morning Timmies, so it's not proving anything by moving a team there and watching it be successful.

The NHL cannot earn extra TV dollars in Canada and it is certainly not going to be showing any Calgary vs Hamilton games on NBC on Sunday afternoons.

Plus, by letting one franchise move to Canada - and watching it succeed - the lineup of current NHL owners who would want to follow suit would seem longer than a triple-overtime 1-0 loss.

"Hey, if it worked for Team A, why can't Team B move up there?"

Before you know it, there are five American teams wanting to move to Canada and the popularity of the NHL will rock bottom and be deemed a massive failure.

Bye bye, advertising dollars.

The NHL has been offered 212.5 million dollars for a team that will never make money by a man who owns a reputable, growing company and who's lifelong dream has been to own an NHL team...and they have a smile on their faces when barrier after barrier goes up in front of him.

Enjoy your SIX NHL teams will never see a SEVENTH.

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