Monday, August 10, 2009

Welcome Blogheads

Allow me to bother you for a mere moment as I introduce myself to the blogosphere.

My name is Matt Dumouchelle, I live in Windsor, Ontario.

In the interest of full disclosure - I am a Detroit sports fan - the Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons and sometimes the Lions (or whatever team Jay Cutler plays for this week). But I'm a realistic fan...and a demanding one.

I'm currently the co-host of Rock Mornings with Craig and Matt on 95.1 and 100.7 The Rock, so evidently I have a gift for it's time to test my gift for the typed medium.

Aside from family, there has always been one constant in my life, that I know will always welcome me every morning and put me to sleep every night...and that is the World of Sports.

I read about it, think about it, talk about it, empty my bank account to it and now I write about it.

So join me, let's dive into why everyone hates the Yankees (and why they shouldn't), the ongoing battle between good and evil (Detroit and Toronto) in the NHL and why the Dallas Cowboys will win the Super Bowl this year...

Let's go!!

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