Monday, March 29, 2010

Various Thoughts

Is there anything more disappointing than going to a movie you’ve been looking forward to seeing – and it sucks?

Now, I wasn’t expecting “She’s Out Of Your League” to be great, but I at least hoped for a laugh here and there…and I really only had one.

There’s no way of getting your money back, no way of getting those 2 hours back, really nothing.

At least Hot Tub Time Machine comes out tonight – that better be good.


On the way home from the movies, Kim and I got talking about actors who we feel are overrated.

Kim’s selection was Will Ferrell. I disagreed.

My choice was Tom Hanks. She disagreed.

There was a survey done recently that Tom Hanks was the most liked actor in Hollywood. Am I the only one who doesn’t get him?

There’s no question he’s a very good actor, award winning and whatnot – I just think he’s a bit overrated. I can only come up with a few movies that he’s really stolen – of course Forrest Gump and Big are two of them.

But most movies I’ve seen him in, he’s not the strongest actor in the film. Some examples for my case:

Apollo 13 – Ed Harris
Toy Story – Tim Allen
Splash – Daryl Hannah
Road To Perdition – Paul Newman
The Green Mile – Michael Clark Duncan
Turner & Hooch – The Dog

Again, no doubt that Tommy is a heck of an thespian, but for the most part I find him to be a bit of an over-actor and a guy who really relies on his others for his performances.


There was a recent survey done by Ipsos-Reid that said for the first time ever, more Canadians are going online than watching TV.

Do you agree? If you had to choose – which one would you pick?

For me, the choice isn’t much of a brain-tickler…I’d give up TV for the internet…for one simple reason that you can watch TV…on the internet.


Oh, and one more thing – it’s 14 days till the Home Opener at Comerica Park…but who’s counting.

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