Sunday, May 16, 2010

Now We DON'T Want Jobs??

There’s a great article on the Windsor Star’s website by Chris Vander Doelen about the new solar panel plant being built at the Windsor Airport – creating around 150 jobs by the end of the year.

Apparently, there are some people in the city that believe this whole “green-energy” thing is a flash in the pan because a lot of the money is coming from the government.

Some worry about what will happen when the Ontario funding dries up, and aren’t convinced this industry will strive in the future.

Well guess what – it’s new jobs. Deal with it.

It’s funny how we can be in the middle of one of the worst recessions in our history and people still believe they can be picky with their careers – or the jobs that come into our region.

Thousands of people are out of a job, and a brand new industry is coming to Windsor and carries with it the potential for thousands of jobs – but we aren’t sure we want it here.

What happens when the government is done paying for these programs to start and the city has to front the money on it’s own?

Solar Source has a game plan where they want to become the first company able to produce made-in-Ontario panels.

And that will begin in Windsor.

In fact, Solar Source President, Ross Beatty has been quoted in the article saying “the largest market for energy in the world is right here, right below us” in reference to Windsor.

I don’t buy into the whole Al Gore/green lifestyle thing, but if it’s creating jobs and the new “auto” industry in terms of growth and potential – then welcome aboard.

I can imagine there are several cities in Canada and the U-S that would love to have any ray of hope for having a new business come to town.

I’d even go beyond calling it a new business – maybe a new industry.

U-S President, Barack Obama is in Buffalo right now, hosting a town hall meeting and was greeted by a billboard reading simply “I need a freaking job”.

It was put up by a man named Jeff Baker, who lost his job at a textile business.

It’s plain and simple these days – jobs are jobs, new business is new business and growth is growth.

So whether it’s solar panels or art or animal cracker manufacturers, we should be welcoming these enterprises - who are taking a chance on us - with open arms.

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