Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jan 8

All my best wishes have been passed along to Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent for a promising 2010 and that we will soon blossom once again.

But there’s another city that I would hope to see recover just as much - the city of Detroit.

I have a special place in my heart for the Motor City because I’ve lived so close to it for the majority of my life.

It is where I go for, quite honestly, 90 percent of my entertainment – from concerts, sporting events, shopping and travel.

I also understand in large part, as Detroit goes – Windsor and Chatham go and as much as we’d like to deny it, their success will only help with our success.

Over the holiday break, when I heard the story about the attempted terrorist attack on the airplane from Amsterdam, I wasn’t as upset to hear about the attack as I was to hear that it would have happened in Detroit.

I was left thinking to myself “is there any other bad things that can happen to this city?”

I just read the murder rate has gone up and driving through the streets anywhere outside of Woodward Avenue and you see nothing but abandoned buildings, burned-out cars and people looking for shelter and their next meal.

It also doesn`t help their city council is as corrupt as their city is empty.

But, there is no doubt we will need help from our American friends if we want to see things turn around in our region…so as you continue to hope for good things for our city, don`t forget to look across the border and extend the same wishes…it can only benefit us.

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